Oil Trap Model

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Link to Resource: http://www.earthsciweek.org/classroom-activities/oil-trap-model
Resource Type:Classroom Activities; Curricula and Instruction
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7 8 9 10 11 12
Organization:American Geosciences Institute (AGI); Earth Science Week (ESW); Geological Society of America (GSA)
Summary:Petroleum geologists study Earth's rock layers, looking for places where oil-generating rocks might occur. These geoscientists try to determine whether geologic structures trap the oil in reservoirs which can be drilled and pumped to recover the oil. One such type of trap occurs when rocks have been folded into anticlines and synclines, with oil caught under folded impermeable layers, as this 3-D model shows. In this activity, students will put together a 3-D model of an oil trap. They then discuss the geology of an oil trap (what does it look like, what might drillers need to know about it to reach the oil, etc.).
Earth Science Big Ideas:Big Idea 7
NGSS Discplinary Core Ideas:ESS3.A; ESS3.C
NGSS Performance Expectations:HS-ESS3-2; MS-ESS3-1
NGSS Science and Engineering Practices:Constructing explanations (for science) and designing solutions (for engineering); Engaging in argument from evidence
Subjects: earth science week; geology; hydraulic fracturing; minerals; natural resources; oil and gas; rocks
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