The Mystery of Matter

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Organization:Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Summary:"""""The Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements"""" is a multimedia project about one of the great adventures in the history of science: the long (and continuing) quest to understand what the world is made of – to identify, understand and organize the basic building blocks of matter. In a nutshell, the project is about the human story behind the Periodic Table of the Elements. """"The Mystery of Matter"""" shows not only what these scientific explorers discovered but also how, using actors to reveal the creative process through the scientists’ own words, and conveying their landmark discoveries through re-enactments shot with replicas of their original lab equipment."
Earth Science Big Ideas:Big Idea 1
NGSS Discplinary Core Ideas:PS1.B
NGSS Performance Expectations:2-PS1-4; 5-PS1-2; 5-PS1-4; HS-PS1-2; HS-PS1-4; HS-PS1-5; HS-PS1-6; HS-PS1-7; MS-PS1-2; MS-PS1-3; MS-PS1-5; MS-PS1-6
NGSS Science and Engineering Practices:Analyzing and interpreting data; Constructing explanations (for science) and designing solutions (for engineering); Developing and using models; Engaging in argument from evidence; Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information; Planning and carrying out investigations; Using mathematics and computational thinking
NGSS Crosscutting Concepts:Cause and effect: Mechanism and explanation; Energy and matter: Flows, cycles, and conservation; Patterns; Scale, proportion, and quantity; Stability and change; Structure and function
Subjects: 6-8; 9-12; chemistry; elementary school; high school; k-12; k-3; k-4; k-5; k-5 geosource; k-6; k-8; k-9; middle school; video
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