Teaching the Earth's Layers and Plate Tectonics Using a 3D Model

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Link to Resource: https://earthref.org/SCC/lessons/2009/earthlayers/
Resource Type:Classroom Activities; Curricula and Instruction
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6 7 8 9
Organization:Scripps Classroom Connection (SCC)
Summary:This week long lesson uses a three dimensional model to help teach the Earth's layers, longitude/latitude, and plate tectonics. The activity allows students to build a scaled 3D model of the Earth, which they use and interact with to complete activity sheets. The model is constructed using basic materials (paper, cardboard, string, and glue) and can be broken down to fit into a folder. Finally, the lesson is broken into four daily activities, each day focusing on different material. Worksheets and PowerPoints are provided for each daily activity.
Earth Science Big Ideas:Big Idea 1; Big Idea 3
NGSS Discplinary Core Ideas:ESS2.A; ESS2.B
NGSS Performance Expectations:HS-ESS2-1; HS-ESS2-2; HS-ESS2-3; HS-ESS2-4; MS-ESS2-1; MS-ESS2-2; MS-ESS2-3
NGSS Science and Engineering Practices:Analyzing and interpreting data; Constructing explanations (for science) and designing solutions (for engineering); Developing and using models
NGSS Crosscutting Concepts:Cause and effect: Mechanism and explanation; Energy and matter: Flows, cycles, and conservation; Patterns; Scale, proportion, and quantity; Stability and change
Subjects: activities; earth; earth science; geography; geology; lesson; mapping; model; plate tectonics
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