How much does it cost to light your school?

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Resource Type:Classroom Activities; Curricula and Instruction
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5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Organization:American Coal Foundation (ACF); Minerals Education Coalition (MEC)
Summary:Coal produces more than half of the electricity used in the United States, and is our most abundant domestic nonrenewable energy source. The students will comupte the cost of electricity used to light their classroom and their school for one hour through one year, the number of kilowatt ours of electricity used, and the number of tons of coal mined and burned to produce the electricity used.
Earth Science Big Ideas:Big Idea 7
NGSS Discplinary Core Ideas:ESS3.A
NGSS Performance Expectations:HS-ESS3-2; MS-ESS3-1
NGSS Science and Engineering Practices:Constructing explanations (for science) and designing solutions (for engineering); Engaging in argument from evidence
NGSS Crosscutting Concepts:Cause and effect: Mechanism and explanation
Subjects: 6-8; 9-12; activities; coal; earth; earth science; elementary school; energy; energy resources; geology; geoscience; high school; k-5 geosource; lesson; mec; middle school; renewable energy
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