Disappearing Statues

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Link to Resource: https://www.acs.org/content/dam/acsorg/education/resources/k-8/science-activities/planetearth/land/disappearing-statues.pdf
Resource Type:Classroom Activities; Curricula and Instruction
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3 4 5
Organization:American Chemical Society (ACS)
Summary:Acids are substances that have a sour taste and strong smell. Lemon juice and vinegar are common acids. Acid rain is formed when pollution inthe air mixes with the rain and falls to the ground. In this activity, vinegar will represent acid rain, and an antacid tablet will represent a marble statue in a city park. Both the antacid tablet and marble are made of the same chemical: calcium carbonate.
Earth Science Big Ideas:Big Idea 1; Big Idea 3
NGSS Discplinary Core Ideas:ESS2.A
NGSS Performance Expectations:4-ESS2-1; 5-ESS2-1
NGSS Science and Engineering Practices:Developing and using models; Planning and carrying out investigations
NGSS Crosscutting Concepts:Cause and effect: Mechanism and explanation; Systems and system models
Subjects: activities; chemistry; earth; earth science; elementary school; geology; geoscience; k-5; k-5 geosource
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