Published in 2015
Currently, many states are adopting the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) or are revising their own state standards in ways that reflect the NGSS. For students and schools, the implementation of any science standards rests with teachers. For those teachers, an evolving understanding about how...
Curricula and Instruction Teaching Strategies
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Published in 2013
A new report from the Board on Testing and Assessment and the Board on Science Education, Assessment and the Next Generation Science Standards, describes the types of new assessments that will be needed to gauge student progress. The committee recommends a systems approach, one that uses a range of...
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Published in 2018
Instructional materials are a key means to achieving the goals of science education—an enterprise that yields unique and worthwhile benefits to individuals and society. As states and districts move forward with adoption and implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) or work on...
Curricula and Instruction Curriculum Materials
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Published in 2017
Science educators in the United States are adapting to a new vision of how students learn science. Children are natural explorers and their observations and intuitions about the world around them are the foundation for science learning. Unfortunately, the way science has been taught in the United...
Curricula and Instruction Teaching Strategies
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